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Friday, September 16, 2005

Curt's lament.

I survived another night of class. I guess it could be worse (and it has been worse in past semesters) but there is still some work to do.

On this boring Friday, and the day after Curt Schilling lost against the A's, which helped the Yankees climb only 1 1/2 games behind the Red Sox for the AL lead, it is time, once again, to check out another blurb from Schilling's diary. Let's look, shall we?

"Dear Diary,

I feel like I let my team down last night, but I totally blame the umpires. There were some borderline calls that I felt like I should have gotten. Roger Clemens gets those calls. Even that tall freak Randy Johnson gets them. What do the umps have against me? I have been nothing but nice to them (I even gave a few some Bush '04 buttons!) But yes, I know Diary, that I uncharacteristically cursed on the mound after the fiasco. Shonda already told me that Jesus wouldn't have liked that. But since he forgives all, I can breath easier.

By the way, I read what Kevin Millar said about me in ESPN the Magazine about not having style. Kevin, go look in the mirror and then dye your hair again. Ok, ok, I'm sorry. No need to do that. Strong, Curt, strong!

As you probably know, Diary, there is a new rookie pitcher named Jonathan Papelbon that is supposedly good and has been pitching well. I think if he really is going to be good, I need to have a little chat with him about pitching. Better yet, I think I'm about due to call WEEI and tell them what I think about him. Oh, and WEEI, those guys over there better not be late with my check again!

*Sigh* I hope I don't cry again.

But whenever I feel down in the dumps (or when Shonda and the kids spend too much of my money) I just take a look at my favorite picture (I will make a copy for you and paste it here, Diary), and it fills me with glee.

As always, thanks for listening.

Love, Curt"


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