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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Good news and bad news.

Ok, the bad news first. My day started out horribly. First, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic between Watertown Square and Newton Corner. My usual ten minute ride was 40 minutes. And the traffic was unexplained... all of a sudden, it opened up, no accident or anything. Then, while the bus was on the pike, the side of the bus that I was sitting on started leaking air conditioner dirty water.

The good news is that Dane Cook tickets have been purchased, and a hotel has been booked for that night. Melissa, Red and I drove to Salem, NH (just over the MA border) to buy tickets at Bull Moose Music. We almost couldn't even find this place, but we were successful in our journey, finding it and getting tickets. It is gonna be so much fun!!


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