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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bore.

Last night's Super Bowl was not exciting. Pittsburgh beat Seattle, 21-10. Both quarterbacks played like crap, and there were tons of mistakes. The refs blew a few key calls, screwing Seattle. For example, Roethlisberger did not get into the end zone on that TD he "scored." No way.

A few other things I noticed:

The Hasselbecks are so BALD. And they are self conscious about it. Have you noticed how Matt is ALWAYS wearing a baseball cap to cover up his lack of hair?

The commercials sucked. There was only one that I even liked a little bit.. the one with the "magic fridge" full of beer.

Aaron Neville singing the national anthem SUCKED.

It seemed like everyone... the announcers, the fans, the refs... all wanted the Steelers to win. The announcers would only talk about all things Pittsburgh. Especially about Jerome Bettis. No one gave any attention to the Seahawks. No wonder they didn't win... no one was giving them a chance, and they were making sure of that!

Even Sports Illustrated got in on it. I saw this on

"The magazine screwed up when it started selling its "Steelers Championship Package" on its website before the game even started. If you typed in "," up came an order form for all sorts of Steelers championship junk. But there was no such Seattle package. In fact, when you typed "," the Pittsburgh one came up."

Well, now that the Super Bowl is over, we can soon start concentrating on what really counts... baseball season!


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