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Monday, January 16, 2006

Jack's back!

Last night was the season premiere of season 5 of "24," starting off with two episodes (another two episodes are on tonight). It was great. Since I know that anyone who reads this probably doesn't care that much or they saw it last night (knowing that Red watched it at her parents house and called right before it started to mess with me) I will reveal what happened. Ex-President Palmer gets assassinated! Michelle dies and Tony gets badly burned in an explosion! And Jack, being Jack, manages to get into the building where Palmer got killed and does not get noticed by any FBI agents and gets some info that he needs, and then manages to escape anyway after the FBI are finally on to him.

This season is going to be great. The guy who plays President Logan does a great job at being a pussy... whenever I watch him, I always get pissed off at him and think about how much better Palmer was. And Jack is the best... you know whenever he grabs his big messenger bag full of toys, you know something badass is about to happen.

I am psyched that there's another two hours to watch tonight! But it sucks being at work today, although it should be a quiet day. And no class tonight!


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