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Monday, December 12, 2005

Time to take some action.

Interesting day today. Let's see...

I had my review at work today. Well, I got a pretty good bonus, but my raise... well, let's just say that it is finally time for me to be totally serious about looking for a new job. My boss (not the bitchy one, the VP of the department) was really cool about everything, and I explained everything to him. He gave me an awesome review, but told me that the HR department told him that I have topped out at my position and there isn't much they can do for me. So I explained how I will be getting my MBA in June and I have to look out for myself, that I will not accept just sticking it out in this same position forever. So now on Thursday, I am going to spend my lunch break going to meet up with a recruiter and see what he has in mind.

What I still don't get is how they treat "admin" employees at this place. I may not be a billable employee, but I think I am valuable. I work hard, I get great reviews from everyone, and I do all that I am asked to do. But I get no respect. I have gotten shitty raises every year, and this place gives so much money to the consultants, but they try to save money by low-balling me. I don't understand how they think they can keep getting away with this. Well, I guess the only thing I can do is find a new, better job as soon as I can find something. I am done playing games here.

Also, today I found out that J had her baby last night, premature. I hope the baby will be ok...


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