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Saturday, November 19, 2005

My Saturday.

A whole Saturday by myself... Melissa went on a "field trip" with people from her work to do a shopping day in NYC. So what have I done while she's been gone? Let's see... I started off by reading a case for school, and then I watched a bunch of "Lost" episodes (I am almost done with season 1). I did some laundry, made some food, and spoke to Melissa on the phone as she told me how the new Comfort Diner on 23rd street was really good.

I'm psyched that I don't have classes for another two weeks (with Thanksgiving this coming week). After that, I only have one more strategic management class, and two more marketing classes. And then that's it for another semester! Yesterday I even got a letter from Northeastern letting me know about filling out my graduation card. I'll officially get my degree on August 31, 2006, even though classes will be over for me at the end of June.

I can't wait to be done already... and then Melissa and I can begine the next phase of our lives.


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