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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Dane Cook is the muthafukin man.

Melissa, Red, Steve and I went on a little road trip to Waterville, ME on Friday and went to Colby College to see Dane. It was rainy the whole time, and when we finally got there, we saw a long ass line and we had no idea where to park. But somehow, things worked out - we found a space not too far from the gym, and we ended up on a much shorter line (the hugely long line was for will call tickets).

We got into the gym and sat in the bleachers on the side... good enough view (although it was fucking hot in there). At 9, there was an opener, Jay Davis, who pretty much sucked. But Dane came on and was awesome. He started off saying some stuff about Maine: "I love Maine! Makes me feel like eating cotton candy. It's Vacationland!" He did a lot of bits from his CDs - the car accident ("I was in my KITCHEN cleaning a DISH, and I HEARD IT, so I CAME OUT"), turn ons slash turn offs, his kids Optimus Prime and Megatron, one night stand, being Catholic. He threw in some new ones, like going to the movies (or cinematic adventures), or how Celine Dion says the word love ("lourve"). Typical, funny Dane.

After his show, we were hoping to figure out what Dane would be doing, but there was no way to figure that out. We ended up at Friendly's for dinner and ice cream.

On Saturday, after some yummy breakfast at Denny's, we drove (through some more rain) up to UNH to check it out (and secretly hoping to run into Dane, since he was performing there at night). We also stopped by Melissa's parents on the way home. After we finally got home, it was time to relax and sleep.

And today is going to be a lazy day at home with football, laundry and school readings. And *sniff* it'll be back to work tomorrow after my four day weekend.


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