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Saturday, October 01, 2005


The Yanks victory and the Indians loss made things easier for my beloved Yanks - they win the AL East and are going to the playoffs. Thanks to an 8-4 win today... Unit pitched well, A-Rod, Sheffield and Matsui homered. It was good for me. The Red Sox can still win the wild card if they win tomorrow or if Cleveland loses. If the Sox lose and Cleveland wins, then there will be a one-game playoff.

But I won't gloat or be obnoxious about the Yankee win. What I want to do is complain about fucking FOX. Melissa and I cannot agree when it comes to baseball, but we can agree that Tim McCarver is horrible and that FOX sucks at broadcasting games. During the game, they kept showing a split screen with the Indians-White Sox game, but they were showing the Yanks-Sox in a small screen that you could barely see. It was annoying! And McCarver said some stupid things as usual throughout the wholw game.

So tomorrow the Sox has to win with Schilling on the mound. My favorite.


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