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Friday, September 23, 2005

I want a monkey that I can go home to and battle.

Maybe for my next few entries (including this one and the last one), I will title them with some funny Dane quotes.

I feel blah today. Class was annoying last night, and I am unmotivated at work. Badly. At least it is Friday.

Why am I so unmotivated to do any schoolwork? This is the worst semester by far when it comes to motivation, and the classes aren't even that horrible. Maybe it's because I didn't have to do any papers yet. Maybe it's because I was able to get by so far with doing minimal work. Soon that will have to change. But schoolwork will have to be done around all the weekend plans that we have. And there are lots going on, especially in October.

Btw, Yanks are a full game up over the Red Sox. Next weekend is the last series of the season: Yanks - Red Sox. Yanks will be sending Wang, Johnson and Mussina to the mound in those games. It'll all come down to that...


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