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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The Yankees season is over. And why shouldn't it be? They played like shit last night. They played like someone shit on their coats and in their pants and they played like little bitches.

Especially A-Rod. And Matsui. Alex didn't even get one RBI in the series. And in the ninth, after Jeter singled (and Jeter was one of the only ones to do well in this series), A-Rod hits into a double play. The one thing he shouldn't have done. And Matsui? He only left 8 men on base, and grounded out with two men on to end the game. Unbelievable.

There better be some changes before next season. Kevin Brown will finally be off the payroll. Bernie will be gone. And they need a center fielder who can hit and run and throw, and they need some decent middle relief guys.

At least I can rest easy at night, not having to worry about late night playoff baseball. I'm now rooting for a White Sox - Astros series, with the ChiSox winning it.


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