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Monday, October 03, 2005

Of course...

... the Red Sox made the playoffs too. Are we going to see another ALCS between the two teams? Probably.

It is time for another Schilling diary entry, considering he pitched yesterday:

"Dear Diary,

I have mixed feeling this morning after I pitched and won and we made the playoffs. I am happy because, thanks to the Lord, I pitched well and we clinched the Wild Card! But I am also feeling some sadness becasue it has been a tough year for me, with my injuries and pitching in the bullpen for awhile, and because the Varitek and Mirabelli families did not want to join my family in going to church anymore. Also, I do not understand Manny. I was trying to tell him something that would be beneficial to his career and he just walked away from me! I know it is just Manny Being Manny, but NO ONE walks away from me. NO ONE. I told Jonathan Papelbon that if he ever walks away from me during a conversation, I will break his arm. The only reason I will not do that to Manny is because I am scared of David Ortiz.

So, yay! We are in the playoffs and we are playing the White Sox. The Yankees are playing the Angels. I hope we get to face the Yankees again in the ALCS. Wouldn't it be great to see more clips of my bloody sock from last season? I spoke to my good friend, Tim McCarver, and he said he would make sure that happens, just for me. He is just a fabulous announcer. Even Shonda thinks so.

So Jesus, give us the strength in the playoffs. And I will do my best to give as much advice as I could to all the pitchers. And the hitters, too. I would tell David what he could be doing better, but I think he might eat me.

Thanks again for listening, diary.

Love, Curt"


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