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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Self reviews.

I am having trouble trying to put together my self review. Do these things really help? Obviously, no one is going to come out and say "I stink. I just sit at my desk all day and do 15 minutes of real, actual work," doing it "Office Space" style. But what can I say? I will say what a good job I am doing and how people respect me and trust my work.

I am also having trouble putting together a paper for tomorrow's brand advertising class. I am almost done with the paper... I have almost three pages done, but the most important part of the paper, some media mix, I am having trouble with. I spent some hours last night contemplating this, staying awake thinking of different combinations, but I could not justify my numbers based on the information in the case. I was trying to do some percentages of my target market, but it gets kind of confusing, and is not even close to the alternatives that are presented in the case.

Sorry to rant, but isn't this what my blog is for? :)

The floor situation is still not resolved yet. I am still waiting for cool Home Depot guy to call me back.

Does it seem like everything sucks right now? Well, not everything. This weekend, Melissa and I are going with Mardi and Mark on a fun, joint anniversary weekend to NH and VT. We are gonna be all fancily at the Mt. Washington hotel. That's gonna be so much fun. :)


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