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Thursday, October 27, 2005

And then they still weren't done...

They kept working until 7:30 PM yesterday, but they could finish because it was getting late and cold, and there was a chance that the vinyl would crack if they brought it up.

I was going to take off this morning so that they could come back, but Melissa agreed to stay home. They got here at 8 AM this morning, and continued working. They told her that they didn't have any baseboards to put back on the wall, so Melissa actually had to go to Home Depot, buy new ones and adhesive, and come back so that they could put it on for us.

Melissa also told me a cool story... they had to get the vinyl in the house THROUGH THE WINDOW. Some idiot rolled up the vinyl the long way, so it would not fit through the door. They had to have some guys outside and some guys inside, getting the vinyl through the window. And somehow, it worked.

I just hope that when I get home after class tonight, the kitchen looks like the best kitchen in the world.


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