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Monday, November 14, 2005

Has it been a week already...

...since I last updated? Wow time flies.

Well, what has happened this past week? Let's see. On Thursday I had class, as usual, and got back two papers - a 90 on one, a 9.5/10 on the other. Not too shabby. I also can't believe there's only three more weeks of classes for this semester. My strategic management class ends on December 1, and my marketing class ends on the 8th. And the infamous quarters night will take place on the 15th, after Bill and Brian's class gets out.

Friday evening was spent with the wonderful Red. We talked, and I managed to get pizza and pasta for Melissa and I right before the place closed. And I didn't mind when Red ate some of my Nutzels. :)

Saturday evening was spent with the also wonderful Chillier and Prof. K. The girls chatted and K and I watched Rocky III and college football.

Sunday was spent at Melissa's grandparents house (Melissa's sis came along, Melissa's parents were in Italy). We had an eight hour meal - started with pasta and meatballs, then salad, chicken cutlets, eggplant parm, and then dessert with coffee, pizzeles and chocolate cream pie. It was fun... they talked about when they were younger, and I kept an eye on the Patriots game (they won 23-16).

And today... FINALLY the flooring guys came back and fixed the bubble. Now I hope it doesn't bubble up again!


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