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Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy belated Thanksgiving.

The long Thanksgiving weekend was a good one. Ate a lot at Melissa's parents on Thursday, and then did a lot of nothing the rest of the weekend. Except for a couple of hours on Saturday and a quick food shopping run yesterday, my ass was planted to the chair the whole time. It was good to have that time to do nothing, although I got a little restless towards the end. But there was not many alternatives... the malls would be crazy with Christmas shoppers and there was not much else to do besides that.

The evening before Thanksgiving, we went to see the movie "Rent." I was looking forward to seeing this for a long time, after seeing the musical three times. I enjoyed it a lot... they definitely missed out on a few key spots and some stuff was kinda cheesy (like Roger looking like Jon Bon Jovi standing in the mountains in Santa Fe), but overall, I really liked it and would even go see it again if someone was going to go. I am hoping that the DVD will show a lot of stuff they cut out.

But now it's back to work on a Monday, and it has not been that busy. Back to school on Thursday... but with classes winding down this semester, there is not much more work to do. My last Strategic Management class is this week, and I already finished the case writeup. And next week is my last Marketing class, and we're almost done with our group project. But it will be great to actually do our presentation and finish up...


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