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Friday, December 16, 2005

Lots of news...

What a day yesterday. Busy busy busy.

For starters, I took a long lunch to meet up with a recruiter. We discussed stuff, and then I rushed back to work (in all, it was a two hour lunch, but no one noticed). But when I got back, I found out that my manager is NOT coming back from her maternity leave. Even though I had a feeling that would happen, I couldn't believe it. So now I have a lot to think about. I feel like I want to take the position to be a manager and make more money, but still continue my job search. I feel that I have lots of room to negotiate, since the company would be fucked if both my manager and I left at the same time. So we'll see what happens...

And then last night was the traditional quarters night. After not eating any lunch, I had a nice dinner with S, and then we headed over to meet up with the others. It started off tame, and I actually thought that the quarters game would not begin. But of course, I was wrong. From what I can remember, J was telling me how she thinks marriage is hard, Hockey Guy was saying how he's gonna move back to Toronto after school for a job, BS's new girl was there and seemed really normal (too normal for him!), and BG mentioned how he can never find a girl because they are all too weird. And the insane - this weird looking guy was sitting at the bar staring at L, and he had his hand in his pants... you know what he was doing! I heard him moaning and he was telling L "you're so beautiful," and I guess when he was done, he said "thank you." CREEPY and DISGUSTING. Some bouncer guy did finally get to him and tell him to stop.

Anyways.. I'm home today, with Melissa. It was nice to sleep in, and after Comcast comes by with our DVR box, we're gonna go X-mas shopping with Melissa's sister. Better than being at work. :)


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