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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

At the Wal...

I got my grades back today:

Strategic Management: A-
Brand Marketing: A-

Not too shabby. My QPA is now a 3.52.

Only five more days until Christmas. What sucks is that I work upstairs from a mall, and these days you get all the crazy, stupid shoppers who are oblivious to the world getting in the way of everyone (well, actually, me). I actually tried to get a few things for Melissa's stocking at Walgreen's, and I was waiting on line for like ten minutes. I was surrounded by a bunch of stupid high school kids who passed things like greeting cards right in my face, like I wasn't even there. Well, at least I will be out on Friday and all of next week. And Melissa will be off next week as well. What could be any better? :)

I will need the time off, big time. Work has been super busy, especially since my last day for awhile will be Thursday. Everyone needs stuff done immediately, and I am doing my best. I also keep thinking about what will happen when I come back from vacation. I am sure I will be offered my manager's position, but how much of a raise? That will probably determine how quickly I will proceed with my job search. If they offer me enough, I might want to stick around a little longer. At least to get the manager position on my resume.

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