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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Office politics.

Ok, I have not really had a chance to go into all of the work bullshit that has been going on lately. So now's my chance.

So I mentioned before that my manager left the company... not coming back after her second kid. I thought this was great for me... I didn't really like working for her, and I thought they would just basically give me her job, since I was already do it while she was gone (and somewhat while she was here), and everyone seems to really love my work here. And it gives me an incentive to stay, after I was told I was topping out at my current position. I gave my boss (the VP of Finance) my resume, and I waited.

But I have not heard anything since... well, make that anyone from this company. It's been a couple of weeks now, and I notice one of the HR women going into my boss' office, but no one has told me anything. Why are they waiting so long to start this process? To save some extra bucks in paying a manager, because we are doing just fine now?

But I did hear something... from my friend L. Apparently, her boss and my boss are friends (and we work in the same building) and her boss told mine about this job opening she her boss recommended L. When her boss told her, she said that she knows me and didn't want to apply for the job if I was still going for it. I thought that was cool of her... but I did think it was weird that this was happening in the first place. They are spending all of this time and money doing this candidate search, but the best candidate is right here.

I also did a little job search of my own on Craigslist, Monster and Hot Jobs, and guess what? I saw this job posted on those websites, by three different agencies.

So now I have to really start working on this stuff. I am going to start looking more at billing manager positions, because I am really qualified for those types of jobs, and I need to concentrate on making good money now, especially with a baby on the way. So either it will be here, or it will be somewhere else. Doesn't matter to me much, but if I find a better paying, better situation job somewhere else, I am all for it.


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