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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A hobbit is running CTU! Flank 2! Flank 2!

Last night's "24" was great. Even though the terrorists at the airport found out that Jack was there (thanks to that scumbag chief of security Cummings) he still managed to save the day. Only the hobbit (Lynn McGill, played by Sean Astin) figured out that "flank 2" was a distress signal that an agent was making a call under duress.

And I still think that Logan sucks big time. Every time he smiles, or smirks, or makes a face with his teeth, I want to puke.

What now sucks is that next week and every week until the finale, there will be only one episode on Monday nights. I was enjoying getting two hours! The episodes seem to fly by really quickly.

What also sucks is that even though I only have classes on Mondays, I have to make up yesterday's holiday and go to one class tonight. Blah. And then next week, I have two papers due already! I don't think these professors are following the proper protocol! Maybe we should figure out some schematics, interrogate them and try to gain some leverage...

Ok, I am too obsessed with "24." Help me.


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