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Monday, October 09, 2006

New York.

So last week my company sent me to the NY office to meet the people there and for some training. Of course, I get sent right in the middle of the Yankees playoff run, which unfortunately did not last very long. Here's how my last couple of days went:

Wednesday: Took the Acela train to NY. That train kicks ass. Roomy, fast, better than taking a shuttle to NY. And you get dropped off at Penn Station, much better than LaGuardia or JFK.

Walked to the office, which was only a block away from Times Square. Good group of people there. There was one other who came, from SF.

Actually did some work there, and some training. At 6, I left to check into my hotel (which had a wide screen plasma TV), and then I met my friend (who works at my old job, and he was in the NY office for work as well). We went to ESPN Zone, all ready to watch the game, but it was delayed until late, and it was eventually rained out. We still got dinner and hung out which was cool, and then back to my room to watch Lost and pass out on the bed.

Also, today was Melissa and my anniversary. I did remember, and I preordered some flowers that she got. And she got to spend the evening with Red, who took my place as husband for the night. Thanks, Red.

Thursday: It was nice rolling out of bed, showering, and getting to work in a short amount of time (the hotel was a half block away from the office). More work, found out that the boss there is really good friends with the guitarist from My Chemical Romance (so good that he is the godfather of one of his kids, and has gotten him backstage when they opened up for Green Day). I went to lunch with the SF guy and watched half of the Yankee game, which was rescheduled for this afternoon. But they ended up losing, tying the series at 1-1.

After work, I met up with my dad and we went to dinner at BBQ, my old favorite. It was good, as usual, and it was good to see my dad, even though he is falling apart (which is nothing new, though).

Friday: Back to the office, more work, but I got to split at 2:30. Walked back to Penn Station, bought a huge pretzel from a vendor to take on the train, got back to South Station at 7:15, and took a cab home.

Saturday: Getting back into the groove. Lots of Olivia time, who was cute as always. But I totally forgot that my friend had a BBQ - I could have gone, since he only lives like 10-15 minutes away, but with me being away in NY and the fact that we couldn't get on the computer for too long (because the plug to our iBook was broken), I totally forgot all about it.

Sunday: Olivia's christening. She was so cute in her little white dress and bonnet - she looked like a little pilgrim. She was the cutest of all the babies there, and the most animated. The rest of the day was just with family at our house, and Olivia was so tired from having such a busy day. Her schedule was all off, and I ended up feeding her at 12:15 AM.

This morning: Before grabbing Olivia to pack her up and take her to her grandparents, she looked up at me in the crib and gave me a huge smile, as if to say, "I haven't seen you in a few hours, and boy did I miss you!" I put her in her bear coat (which I will have to take a picture of her in soon - so cute!) and drove her over before going to work. And now here I am, at work. Could be worse, though. Although could be better, if Olivia was in my arms right now...


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