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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Walking tightrope high, over moral ground, walk the bridges before you burn them down.

It has been awhile since I blogged. I was getting annoyed at this thing because of all the chaos that was happening because of the blog... people complaining about names being on here (most of which are gone), the condo stuff. But I am back.

And what will I discuss? Nothing controversial. But today should be a holiday. The day that Pearl Jam's new self titled album comes out. Now I've had the album for about a month now, and got the actual CD in the mail on Friday, but today's the official day. I have been listening to it non-stop for this past month, and I love it. One of their most strongest albums, from start to finish. "Severed Hand" and "Marker In The Sand" are my two favorite songs so far... but they are all great.

Speaking of PJ, I owe my friend a ton. He managed to get tickets to see a small PJ show after they tape Letterman on Thursday, at the Ed Sullivan Theater, for only 350 people. Free tickets. I am gonna take the bus to NY in the morning and then home in the evening, and in between, well, good stuff will be taking place.

As for other things... got 2 A-s again this past semester. I probably should have gotten an A in my real estate class, but I'll take it. I survived the semester, especially with so many other things going on. And now there are only two classes left in this whole program. June 21... that's when it will all be over.

And by June 21, we should be moved into our new house. More details coming up at a later time about that.

And job news... that job that I wanted that I thought I should have gotten, well, I didn't get it. Long story, but I still think it should have been mine. I am moving on, and I have another interview tomorrow.

And Melissa is happy that the Red Sox got her Doug Mirabelli back. It was funny watching him come back last night to play (against the Yanks). He rushed out of a cop van, with his uniform on, no shoes. He basically came right off the flight from San Diego and to Fenway to play in the game, with ten minutes to spare.

And the fans booed Johnny Damon, for the most part. And we lost. Blah.


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