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Sunday, March 26, 2006

What month is this again?

Time is certainly flying by. I can't believe that April is just around the corner. What is going on, you might ask?

We've started the process of looking for a house and getting our current place to look as nice as possible. We've converted our big closet in the living room into a small office area. I killed the mildew on the bathroom ceiling and painted. We grouted and caulked tiles in the kitchen. And I swept and vacuumed up all the dust that I could.

We also went to look at out first houses yesterday, mostly in Wilmington. Some were ok, but none were perfect. In fact, one of the houses looked amazing inside, but was right next to an industrial area, and the "beautiful" view across the street was a nasty, abandoned house with a dead school bus in the yard.

Also, the job at that law firm... not happening. Again with the supervisory crap. But I set up another interview at another law firm, and this one sounds like a better fit for me. But the interview isn't for another two weeks or so... but nothing else going on with that.

And current work has been busy. School has been annoying lately as well... but only four more weeks of classes for this semester. Just gotta get past a couple of group projects.

I also got tickets to see Pearl Jam for two nights in a row. I'm still waiting for my friend Jack to come through on getting the album early... I can't wait!

But the best thing was that I finally felt the little one moving around a bit in Melissa's belly. Twice! That is the most exciting thing. What I keep thinking about is that by the time our little girl arrives, I will hopefully have a new job, a new home, finally finished the MBA program and getting used to living in a new town and driving to the commuter rail to get to work. So by the time the baby comes, I can enjoy it completely.


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