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Friday, February 17, 2006


So yesterday went by like crazy... so much going on!

I was supposed to meet with this one recruiter yesterday. But he called me in the morning to tell me that the law firm that he passed my resume on to wanted to meet up with me ASAP. Which meant yesterday. I wasn't dressed or anything, but that didn't matter. Awesome... first interview!

So I left work at noon to head to the recruiter. Spoke to two guys there, and then told me that the guy I was supposed to meet up with at this law firm at 1:30 got pulled into a meeting and wouldn't be ready until 2:30. I was like, sure! I am in no rush to get back to work. So after I left the recruiter, I took a walk to the law firm, and then looked for a place to eat nearby (which ended up being an Au Bon Pain). I sat in there for awhile, eating and psyching myself up.

So at 2:30, I spoke with the current billing supervisor at this place (it's his position I would be getting... he is being promoted to billing manager). And it went really well. I think he really liked my personality, and my technical skills are perfect for this place (they are currently going through a conversion to a new finace software... the same one I am using at this crappy place). I did mention some of my "supervisory" skills... how with my manager out for most of the past two years, I did an effective job supervising the people here. We left it on great terms, and he said he'd talk to the recruiter who would then get back to me.

So I left, and headed back to work... got back to work at 3:30. A nice 3 1/2 hour lunch, don't you think?

Then I did get a call back from the recruiter, saying that they did really like me, and they will probably have me in for a second interview sometime next week. I will really have to do my homework on this supervisory stuff... but I should be ok.

So, cool! So far I haven't been able to get any interviews except this one, so we'll see what happens. It is for a billing supervisor position, and they have 17 billing coordinators, which seems like a lot. But I will learn more about all of that stuff later on. First, I have to focus on getting them to like me enough to hire me!

And I will get to wear one of my new suits next week.


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