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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Today I went on another interview, with a law firm located in the World Trade Center area. I got to put on a new suit for the first time, and head over to this place. I think it went well... as expected, they drilled me on supervsory experience, and I did all that I can to pimp the fact that I can do it, and have been doing it for the past two years, but I do have a lot to learn and I would welcome the challenge. I did my best, so now it is up to this place to determine whether or not they want me. I don't know how long it would take to come up with a decision... they did say I was the first one they interviewed for this position. So I will have to wait and see!

Since it has been so busy, I have not been able to discuss what has been going on lately. The good stuff - I got Pearl Jam tickets!! The fan club presale was Saturday at 1 PM, and somehow I managed to get tickets by 12:59. I am so psyched!

We are also starting the process of looking for a new house. I know Melissa wants to move before the baby arrives, so we don't have a ton of time, but we can make it happen.

As for the weird stuff - the situation at work. L started on Monday, and we have not really spoken much since she started (and I took off today). It's not like i am avoiding her... true, there isn't much to talk about right now, but I think we both know how weird the situation is, and we are both dealing with it in our own ways. I guess I am just looking for the right time to sit down with her and just talk about what is going on. I know it is just a temporary situation for me, and eventually it will be a better situation for the both of us. Besides, I have so many other things going on right now that I have no time to really worry about what is going on with her. I just need to keep interviewing, do the house looking thing, and continue to be very excited about having a baby soon. That stuff is most important.


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