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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Still waiting...

I know I haven't updated in awhile. But I have been busy worrying about this job thing and trying to get things going.

I did finally get to go on a second interview at the law firm, this past Tuesday. I took the whole day off from work, put on my new suit, and went... and I think it went well. But who knows, ya know? I am still waiting to hear back from the recruiter about it... they are having a hard time getting in touch with the people at the firm, since they have been stuck in tons of meetings all week. I just hope I can find out for sure tomorrow.

And as for work now, I am so depressed there. The more I am there, the more I get to tell people I actually like, and the more the whole thing just seems shady. Like how L's boss and my boss are friends? And how even though her name is already on the office door, people are being all hush hush about it? And no one in the bad circle is even talking to me about it, or even talking to me much at all, except about work things? Everyone I talk to has agreed that the whole thing is fucked up.

I have been there for five plus years. i have busted my ass there. My old boss didn't know shit, or at least not as much as me. I handled all the grunt work, and made sure the department was held together. All the office managers in our other locations love me. The consultants around the Boston office rely on me a lot. But these people didn't take anything into consideration. Maybe because I didn't kiss a lot of ass, or because I didn't join their "click," or because I don't sit Indian style in my boss' office, they didn't care.

Now a lot of people have been telling me that these things happen for a reason, and I will get a better job. I totally agree. But I am still pissed off... they should have given me the choice of whether or not I wanted to stay, not to force the issue. They owed it to me. But it just proves what scumbags they all are. No loyalty. No respect.

And to make matters worse, my boss basically pretends like nothing is wrong, and just asks me to do stuff as usual. Although we do avoid each other more. And i try to avoid as many people as possible.

But then as for the job search, besides this one law firm, I haven't been able to go on any other interviews. I spoke to about eight recruiters. You would have figured that they would be throwing everything at me? Nothing. They keep telling me they have nothing now, after telling me what a great resume i have and that there would be tons of stuff.

As for L, it's still weird. We never got to go to lunch to discuss our feelings. But honestly, I don't feel the need to anymore. It's still awkward and weird, and always will be. I can't imagine the thought of if I am still at this place on March 13 when she starts. I would never consider her my boss. And I would never train her on anything. And L, if you do read this entry, and I don't care if you do, I keep thinking about it, and if I were in your position, I would have never interviewed for the job in the first place. I would keep thinking what might happen, and it would not be worth it to do that to a friend. I don't care how many times they would ask me to come in. Even if you think you are out of a job in June, you would still have lots of time to find something. Just because this fell in your lap at my expense does not make it right. Those are my thoughts, and I am sorry, but i am being honest.

So the only things keeping me going are Melissa, our future little girl, and my friends. And "24: The Game" that I got for PS2. Oh, and the fact that Pearl Jam's new single, "Worldwide Suicide" is available to download for free next week, and their new self-titled album comes out on May 2. And hopefully by then, I will have been at my new job for a few months, and I will be beginning my last semester as a grad student.


  • At 9:38 AM, Blogger chillier said…

    That is SUCK, Joe. Your company doesn't deserve you. And Lauren is a hobag.


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