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Friday, March 31, 2006


Today has been a good day.

It was like 74 degrees outside, and I enjoyed a little extended lunch sitting out in Copley Park.

I have been listening to a couple of new Pearl Jam songs that I got courtesy of Jack. "Severed Hand" is a really good song. Melissa likes "Unemployable," and I don't blame her.

I have an interview on Wednesday. I really hope this one works out, because it seems like the best one yet. As far as being a good fit goes.

Our condo looks nice and clean and roomy. Pictures were taken in preparation of putting it on the market. It seems empty in places, but it feels very roomy. Someone will be very lucky to buy this place. Special thanks to Professor K for helping in moving some crazy stuff downstairs, and special thanks to C-Dawg for giving us the pleasure that comes with hanging out with her.

It is nice to be in a good mood. It sucks that I am at work and this place blows big time, but I will not let it get me down. The weather is nice, good things are happening, and Melissa keeps feeling the little one moving around.

Happy Friday.


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