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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Testing the new scanner...

When I bought the new MacBook, it came with a free printer/copier/scanner. What they don't tell you is that it doesn't come with the USB cable to connect to the computer. So I went to the Apple store today during lunch and got one. And here is my first scan - this is a picture of me, Jeff Ament and Ralph at the Wetlands in NYC when Jeff's side band Three Fish performed. It's one of my favorite pictures.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Kids are expensive.

I must start off by saying that this is the cutest picture of Olivia that we've taken in a long time. All of her pictures are cute, of course, but everything about this - the standing, the big smile, the teeth showing - it is perfect.

Olivia did have a rough weekend, though. On Friday, she accidentally knocked the iBook off of the couch, causing the screen to break. Melissa and I took it to an Apple store to get it fixed, letting them know that I have the Apple warranty, but accidental damage is not a part of the warranty, which I didn't know. And to repair it, it would cost us $750. Just for the screen! The laptop is almost three years old, and a new computer (with my college ID, which I can still use) would cost $1,100. So we bought a new MacBook. The good news is that they were able to take our whole hard drive from the dead computer and copy it all over to the new one. But it would be ready the next day.

On Sunday, Melissa met up with some friends, and i was going to take Olivia to go grocery shopping and pick up the computer. After her 3 PM, bottle, I tried calling the Apple store, and kept being put on hold, and the whole time I was on the phone, Olivia was crying. I found out that the store put down that the computer would be ready by 6, but the store closes at 6. But they did tell me that I came by around 5:30, it would probably be ready. So I packed up the little one and headed to the supermarket to get some food. At the store, Olivia started crying in her car seat, something she never does in the supermarket. I had to take her out of the car seat and carry her around the store, and when we got to the baby isle, she spit up on herself and a little on me. Poor girl.

After we left the grocery store, we drove to the mall to go to the Apple store. She cried most of the time in there, and some random lady actually calmed her down by talking to her. Got the computer and headed back home. She fell asleep in the car on the way home, and slept for a good half hour after we got home. When she got up, it was time for her dinner, but she cried and cried and would not eat her turkey and rice. She did gulp down her bottle, but cried randomly. She finally calmed down, and then Melissa got home, and she fell asleep on both of us.

After Melissa gave her the last bottle of the night, she tried to put Olivia to bed, but she was crying really loud. She even rolled over, and when we went to check up on her, she was on her hands and knees, looking out through the bars of the crib, tears rolling down her cheeks, crying. It was so sad! Melissa had to pick her up and cuddle her, and I can't blame her. But when we put her to bed after, we let her cry until we all finally fell asleep.

Then at around 3 AM, Melissa went to go check up on her, and Olivia must have heard because she immediately started crying. But at least it wasn't for very long. She even fell asleep on her belly!

Olivia seemed to be her normal self this morning, and I hope she had a good day. I want to see her smiling again, just like in these pictures:

I am sure it must be because of teething - she has another tooth coming in on top, with many more on the way soon. She is growing up so fast!