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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Political frustration...

I looked up the definition of dictatorship:

"A form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc.)"

While he is not a dictator according to the definition as a whole, President Bush is somewhat of one. He is driven by ego and does not care what the majority of the population thinks. He has evil people working for him in his administration, and those are the people that he listens to. Congress does not back him up. No one wants this war in Iraq to continue. Bush could just admit it was a mistake, but his ego will not allow him to completely apologize.

Bush keeps making the argument, that if we pull out of Iraq now, it will be a mess, and that "America must not fail." Well, what have you been doing for the past few years? Just letting this escalate, costing American troops and Iraqi civilians' lives in the process? Did you ever have a plan as to how we were going to win and what we were going to do? I guess he didn't, but he would never admit that. Instead, he wants to send more troops and cost more lives.

As we are trying to impose our "democracy" on Iraq, Osama bin Laden is still out there. And our relationships with the rest of the world suck right now. But Bush doesn't care about making friends - he will just continue to make enemies.

And now the people of this country are voicing their dissatisfaction with Bush's plans for Iraq, and the majority of people oppose his decision to send more troops over to Iraq. But does he care what people think? No. "Just give it a chance" is all he can come up with. We have given it a chance for years now, and there have been zero results.

I still cannot believe we are now in the seventh year with Bush as our president. I wonder if all of those idiots who voted for him in the past two elections now regret their decision. I miss the days with Clinton as our president, and I can't wait for the Bush era to finally end, no matter who replaces him. Anyone else has got to be better than this. Although Mitt Romney might be close.

Now on to more exciting news: you can gain access to Paris Hilton's old junk on Letters, phone numbers, naked pictures, etc. Like she needs any more exposure. Why do people still care about her? She is an idiot with no talent! Just like Britney, who has abandoned her kids to party - it has gotten so bad that even K-Fed has tried to convince her to go to rehab because she is being a bad parent. When even K-Fed tells you this, you know you are bad.

Ok, enough ranting for one day. Pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks, so not all is bad in the world, right? :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Car trouble...

It's been awhile since my last post, I see. Well, I have all the time in the world today because I am stuck at home. When I left the house this morning, I realized that the car was having problems, and then noticed that I had a flat tire. I called AAA and they were going to arrive in about 40 minutes. It is cold, Olivia is in the back seat... fun. Melissa's dad did come by to pick Olivia up, and AAA did come when they said they would, but now I have a little donut on the car. I couldn't possibly drive to work with that thing, but I did find a local tire place that ordered some tires for me and could get them on today. But in the meantime, I am at home trying to do some work and watching "The Price Is Right."

So what has been going on? Well, "24" is back on, so all is right with the world again. Olivia is great, Melissa is great, work is great. But it is so damn cold!

That is all for now... nothing else interesting to write about. Catcha later...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Police blotter from the suburbs...

One of my favorite moments of the week is when the local town newspaper arrives in the mail. Not because I care about the news and happenings of this town. It is because of the "police blotter" column that I find very amusing. It's funny to read about the hijinks that go on in this regular suburban town. Here are some items that I copied out of this past week's newspaper:

"Thursday at 8:40 PM police received a report of a large house party on [street]. Police found the area quiet." Who calls the police about a house party at 8:40 PM? Was there excessive drugs and alcohol at this party? Apparently the party disbanded once the 5-0 made their appearance and all of the partygoers were in bed by 9.

"A [street] resident reported Wednesday at 2:30 PM items had been moved in his yard." Ok, so some random person went into this person's yard and decided to rearrange things around? Without taking anything?

"Youths were reported bothering customers in the area of Marshalls Friday at 5:20 PM." You have to understand that every week there are "youths" doing something that warrants a call to the police. Whether they are starting a fight or driving recklessly or hanging out at the park late at night. I guess this week these youths decided to harrass people at Marshalls.

"A caller reported Friday at 10 PM food was thrown at a vehicle on [street]." Imagine you are just driving along, and all of a sudden food is thrown at you. Who does that?

"A resident reported receving a letter from Canada regarding fraudulent lottery winnings." Those damn Canadians, always trying to get away with something.

"An incident of road rage was reported Friday at 8 AM. A caller said when he pulled into work on [street] the operator of another vehicle pulled in and punched the window of his car." People are nuts. It's scary when I am driving around and someone cuts me off, I honk, and they get pissed and almost get out of their car (which almost happened to Melissa and I this weekend). Imagine someone gets out to punch the window of your car? Freak!

And the best one of the week was:

"Friday at 9:30 AM a resident reported that her mailbox was removed and replaced with a handicap sign."

Ok, when I first read that, I was laughing hysterically. Just picture this. You go outside to check your mail, and your mailbox is gone. Not only is it missing, but there is a handicap sign in its place. That is classic.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Olivia videos, part 2

I finally figured out how to download them with sound. Here are four videos of Olivia:

This first one is one that I found that I took on my digital camera when she was little. She is so tiny!

Here is Olivia eating cereal:

Here is Olivia saying a few things:

And here is Olivia with her presents and paparazzi:

So cute.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Welcome, 2007.

2006 ended nicely with friends and drinks. Melissa and I dropped off the baby at the grandparents, who were kind enough to watch her overnight. We went to Red's "Naughty or Nice" New Years Eve Party, and she was a wonderful hostess. We had a Yankee Swap where I won a pair of naughty dice (with roll combinations such as the popular "lick" "coochie"). One weird thing was that one of Red's friends that we met for the first time decided to leave early without even saying goodbye to anyone (and left his infamous carrot cake that he brought). The other weird thing was discovered during a walk outside with Professor K - we saw some party going on nearby with middle-aged hippie naked people (Melissa and Red actually went up to the party but was denied entry).

It was Melissa's and my one night out away from Olivia and although we missed her, it was nice to have a night out with friends and just be dumb and have fun. We ended up going to bed at 4 AM, woke up after 9, and went to pick up Olivia and had breakfast. The rest of the day has been laid back and relaxing. But after a week and a day off from work, it's back to the grind tomorrow.

We did make a nice discovery this weekend - Melissa and I found the coolest channel called Current. It's a bunch of short little shows made my regular people - basically news from and for the younger generation. And they also show those funny little political cartoons mostly making fun of President Bush. Check it out here:

And finally, here are some adorable pictures of Olivia from the end of 2006 - finally got her to smile on camera: