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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ok, so I am long overdue for a normal post. I haven't really posted anything all year, so here is an update as to what has been going on:

- I ended 2007 just getting over my throbbing tooth pain. It was a cracked tooth, and even though the first opinion I got was to pull the tooth, my dentist thought otherwise, and I had a regular root canal that did the trick. I am finally getting my permanent crown put on this week.

- Somehow, I got the gout. I have no idea how, except I can blame my dad because he three bouts with gout, and it can be passed down. It happened right before the Super Bowl (end of January), I was limping for a couple of weeks before a doctor could see me, and once on medication, it got better. And actually, the day I went in for my root canal, I had to limp in. Tooth problems and foot problems - let me tell you, it was very attractive. Especially after I got a cold/cough right when the foot was getting better.

- Work has been annoying lately. I won't get into it, but I am doing a lot of tasks that I shouldn't be, and that I don't really want to be doing.

Enough whining...

- Olivia is amazing. She is beautiful, totally cute, and a silly and smart 21 month old. The girl can say letters and numbers, sometimes just on her own, in order. She can say "thank you" at the appropriate time. And today she was actually able to catch a bouncy ball, putting her arms out and grabbing the ball... and you can tell she was very excited! She loves being outside, and will throw a little tantrum if you want to take her back inside. (she is almost 2, after all!)

- Got tickets to see Pearl Jam twice at the end of June. I am rarely disappointed seeing them in concert. Melissa and I even discussed taking a trip to Seattle if they ever announce their west coast tour. That would be so awesome to see them play there - and also take drives to Portland and Vancouver.

- Going away for a week in June to Maine - should be fun.

- Got last minute tickets to the Red Sox game on Patriots Day on eBay - great seats too, not too expensive.

Things always look up when spring is here and the weather is getting nicer. I am looking forward to stretching my hour lunch breaks to the max by taking walks and blasting some good music on my iPod. Good times.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My little rockstar.

I need to post something new about everything that has been going on, but in the meantime, check out Olivia - she is growing up so fast and doing new things every day... she is awesome.