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Monday, April 17, 2006

Insane for Dane.

Saturday night was quite the adventure.

Melissa, Red, Amy and I were going to see Dane Cook play at the Garden. We got some dinner first, and then decided it would be a better idea to take cabs to and from the show. We though driving would be a bitch with the show starting at 10:30. So our cab came right on time, and this guy looked like he was straight out of "Taxi Driver." Everything was going well until we got stuck in some traffic getting close to the Garden. We were lucky that we gave ourselves enough time to get there, because we were stuck for awhile. While we were stuck, the cab driver was cursing out the traffic and making joking threats (although were they really jokes?) and he also called his bookie to place some bets on hockey games. He even almost hit some cab that was cutting us off... not good when you have a pregnant girl in the cab! Finally, he suggested dropping us off a couple of blocks away because the traffic was so bad, and we were more than glad to get out his cab.

When we finally got to the Garden, there was a mob of people trying to get in. I've never seen so many people try to get there way in to a big venue like this all at once. When we finally got to our seats, it was 10:30, but Dane didn't go on until 11. And our seats... they were the last row of our section on the floor, and our whole row was four seats. They were pretty good.

And Dane... he was Dane. Funny, although some of his stories did go on for too long. He recycled a few bits we've heard before, but they were still funny. He definitely seemed very much like a rock star. There were tons of college guys and slutty girls (especially one in front of us). But overall, we had a good time.

But leaving... this is where it got fun. We left the Garden, following this big herd of people (we basically didn't have much of a choice). We tried looking for a good place to hail a cab, but so was everyone else. We couldn't even take the subway, because the show ended at 1:30, and for some stupid reason, the subway stops running at 1 AM (and bars close at 2... where is the logic?) So we walked all over... towards some place we didn't even know, then towards Quincy Market, then towards Downtown Crossing, and finally we ended up at South Station. We walked to the taxi stand there, and that's where we were in luck and got a cab. But by the time we got home, it was 3 AM. And we were all EXHAUSTED.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I have tasted a life wasted, and I'm never going back again.

I never thought that my last post would cause such an uproar. Finally, some excitement. And I barely said anything!

Anyways, this is the update: I had another interview today, at another law firm, for a financial analyst position. It was ok... probably wasn't the best position for me, but I will see what happens. The law firm is good, it's close to Quincy Market, and it would be an improvement from my current shitty job. I did my best, even though some of my answers probably weren't the best (the guy asked me some stuff i didn't really understand that much). So yes, we will see what happens.

And I still haven't heard back from last week's firm. Argh.

As for what is going on besides the job search, here is the good stuff:

One more night of class for this semester (no class next week, for Patriots Day, so it's the following week). We finished our big real estate paper and presentation, and I felt it went well.

Today's weather was awesome.

Dane Cook on Saturday. And on the DVR that night: Saturday Night Live, featuring musical guest PEARL JAM.

Speaking of PJ, my friend got me the new album. The quality isn't great, but it's still all there. And I am being honest... this album kicks ass. There is not a bad song on the album. "Inside Job" sounds like it could have been on Vitalogy. Here's what I think of each track:

Life Wasted: This song rocks. I think it's gonna be the second single.
World Wide Suicide: Good song. This song grew on me the more I listened to it.
Comatose: Another cool song. Reminds me of "Brain of J" off of Yield.
Severed Hand: I love love love this song.
Marker In the Sand: Love it. Good singalong.
Parachutes: Beatles sound.
Unemployable: Great song. Matt Cameron writes awesome songs.
Big Wave: Fast song. Cool.
Gone: I heard the live version before, and I love this version much better.
Wasted Reprise: A 50 second, slow version of Life Wasted. You'd think it was just filler, but I really liked it.
Army Reserve: Cool sound to this one.
Come Back: A sweet, slow song.
Inside Job: Like I said, this could have been on Vitalogy. Reminds me a little of Immortality.

Ahh. I love when the weather is nice and there is new Pearl Jam to get into.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I hate the waiting game. I went on my interview on Wednesday, and I felt that it went really well. I got great vibes there, I said all the right things, they said all the right things, and the fact that they have been trying to fill this position since July can only help my chances. But it is now Friday, and I have not gotten any calls back. Just tell me already!!

And the first person came to look at our place last night. And they thought it was average. Screw you! Our place kicks ass.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good vibes needed.

Interview today. The one that seems like a really good fit. 1:30 PM. I am at work, in my nice clothes, and it sucks. But it must be done.

So please, send over your good thoughts and good luck. It certainly won't hurt.