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Monday, July 02, 2007

A new post. Yay.

It's been awhile since I posted. Does it matter? Does anyone read this? Do I even have much time to do that? Well, I guess this is a place where I can just vent about stuff. Although even that has to be censored a bit - I mention someone by name and the shit hits the fan. Sorry, AB. Sorry, JH. Don't know who those initials are? Doesn't matter.

So what the hell is going on here? Well, I'll tell you one thing - Olivia is amazing. She is about three weeks away from being a one year old. She has six teeth; she crawls like a champ; she pulls up to standing and bounces; she just started to stand up by herself for a few seconds and tries to take steps. She has such a silly personality - her funny faces, her squealy laughs - I am in awe of her every day. And when she falls asleep in my arms after her last bottle - nothing better than that.

Melissa is great too. Poor girl is working long hours these days because of some crap at work. Poor girl didn't even get to see Olivia tonight when I put her to bed. But I know where her heart is. It is with us all of the time.

And I am going through my own crap at work. Mostly with our NY office. Long story, but most of them suck over there. I have wasted a lot of time trying to correct all of their mistakes, and trying to keep up with our own deadlines. It's been stressful trying to do so much in the period of a work day, but I try to get out on time so I can catch my train home and get some quality time with Olivia before she goes to bed.

And here are some pics of Livvies from the past few weeks. These pics speak for themselves.