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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day weekend.

These long weekends are never long enough. One minute you're leaving early on Friday, the next it's the night before you go back to work and you are hating it.

But it was a nice weekend - Olivia got to interact with other little kids. I still find it amazing that she is a real person in the world doing her thing. And she is great - yesterday was a milestone for her... it was the first day in her life that she did not have one bottle! She finally has warmed up to her sippy cup. This one has a straw, and she will just walk around with it and drink. She was even getting upset when I had to take it away from her to fill it up with more milk!

Here are some pics from the weekend - she had fun at her cousin's birthday party yesterday, swimming and playing.

Finally, drinking from something other than her bottle!

And of course, she looks adorable doing it.

A little trouble keeping that milk off of her face!

Drinking all of that milk is exhausting!

Bless you, my cousin Ben.

Who is ready to do a little work?

Hanging out in the pool with the boys.

Little Benny is silly.

I love milk!