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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Split Personality.

So I have become a victim of identity theft. Really. At first I thought it was a Halloween trick or something, but no, it was real.

The timeline goes something like this:

Was at work, and made a quick drive at noon to pick some appetizers for our Halloween potluck lunch. I paid with my debit card, no problem.

Spent the rest of the day at work, as usual, and then headed out around 5. I made a pitstop to buy Olivia some undershirts, tried paying with my debit card, and it was rejected. I didn't think a lot of it, maybe it was just their machine, so I paid in cash.

Went to my bank. Just ran in to pick up some checking registers. But at the ATM, it would not let me take out any money, and it showed that I had a crazy negative balance (over -$800,000). I ran right back inside the branch (they closed at 6 and it was 5:50). They said that my account was put on hold for some suspicious activity. Apparently, there were 4 teller credit deposits done in Providence, RI, at different branches, starting at around 2 PM this day (they tried for a 5th, but they wouldn't let him do it). What happened was that this idiot deposited these checks, but took some cash out from those checks. So if these checks bounce (which they probably will), I would get screwed with whatever fees they would issue, and he would make off with the cash. Wow.

I got home, and i did have a message from the bank telling me to call them about this. I called back, and they recommended i go in the next day to close my accounts and open new ones. And the accounts remained blocked.

The next morning, I went online to my account, and copies of the actual deposit slips were there, and I saw that someone wrote down my name, address and signed my name (they even signed my name the wrong way, but that is obvious since it was not me!) I went to the bank, and took care of the opening/closing stuff. And today I had to update all of my online accounts.

And this is far from over. I have to call back on Monday to continue this investigation. This person also has a fake drivers license with my name and license number on it (which is how he ended up getting ahold of my account). So now I will probably have to waste more time and get a new one. And then I will have to file a report with the police.

I have no idea how somebody could have gotten my info, but they get these things in so many different ways. I just hope that he tries this again using my old account, and they catch the son of a bitch.