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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pearl Jam pictures...

Eddie and the band.

Mike playing "Inside Job" with his double neck guitar.

Ed, Jeff and Stone... Jeff is wearing the orange "Stone" shirt that I got.

Ed picking himself up after tripping and falling.

A lucky little girl who gave Ed some flowers and got to request the song "Smile."

Stone wearing Theo Epstein's wig, and Boom is wearing the Mike shirt that I got.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Drop the leash, drop the leash...

I am going to do my best in covering the last two days and nights. This entry may take me awhile, but I have to do it. I have been out of touch with reality during this time, so I need to go back and try to relive it all. What an amazing two days and nights. I will try to post pictures later, but here's the story.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My friend got to Boston the night before (and we went to see the free Damone show at Newbury Comics), and we left the house early to pick up our Pearl Jam tickets for the night. We got to the box office at 10 AM, and there was only one person waiting on line to get them. We chatted awhile, and by noon the line got longer. We picked up our tickets... they were already in an envelope, and they were loge 22, awesome seats right along the side of the stage (where Stone usually stands).

With tickets in hand, we wandered around the city... down some side streets, through the Boston Common, and to the food court at Downtown Crossing. We wasted a good couple of hours catching up, talking about old times. At around 5 PM, we decided to head back to the TD Banknorth Garden area. One of the PJ message boards was having a private party for its members, and we got in. Free food, and live PJ on the big screen TV. We went inside about 7 PM, and my friend was pissed because all of the posters for this show were all sold out. We sat down, watched My Morning Jacket open up, and waited for PJ.

And here's the setlist for that show:

Set: Release, Severed Hand, Worldwide Suicide, Corduroy, Animal, Red Mosquito, Love Boat Captain, Betterman, Unemployable, Even Flow, Sad, Wishlist, Gone, Green Disease, Down, Jeremy, Life Wasted, Why Go
Encore 1: Forever Young (Ed & Jeff Solo), Masters of War, Crazy Mary, Inside Job, Alive
Encore 2: Spin The Black Circle, Do The Evolution, Whipping, Rats, Comatose, Rockin' In The Free World

I kept telling my friend that they should open with Release, and they did! We had an awesome view of the stage, and I have about 75 pictures to prove it! It looked like the band was having so much fun, especially Mike McCready, who loves interacting with the crowd. He dedicated some songs to graduating and graduated students... funny when he dedicated "Unemployable" to them! I was psyched when they played "Sad," one of my favorite songs I have never seen live yet. Ed dedicated "Down" to Howard Zinn.

For the first encore, Ed sat down and played two Bob Dylan songs, since he turned 65 today. And what I noticed with the second encore was that they played all these hard songs... not letting up all night! They were all bouncing around the stage the whole time, and Ed downed two bottles of wine. Someone threw some t-shirts that said "Stone" on stage, and Jeff put one on, and Ed put one on too during "Evolution" and was bowing to Stone. And he changed a lyric to say "admire my Stone." In all, they played for 2 1/2 hours. We left, got home, went to bed around 1 AM, and thinking about how we will do it all over again the next night.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Got up later this day, and took public transportation to North Station to pick up tickets for night #2. While waiting for the box office to open, I noticed a guy with a "Stone" t-shirt on so I went up to him to ask him about it. Turns out this guy made the t-shirts, and was giving them out for free, and just asking people to make donations online. After we picked up our tickets, we followed him outside and got a cool Mike McCready t-shirt (looks like the guitar pick I got from him) and told us we could get some Stone t-shirts later before the show.

We then took the T to Copley and hung out there... went in the library so my friend could e-mail some people that were gonna meet us tonight, and then sat outside on the library steps (and it was an awesome day out, weather-wise), and we were watching these guys kick around a soccer ball (we think they were some of the PJ crew). Then back home, relaxed for a bit, then drove back for our second PJ evening.

We went back to that bar with the message board people, and got some free food and chatted with some people. We then saw the guy with the t-shirts at this other bar (I forgot his message board name, but I will recognize it when I see it). He was eating with some of his friends, so we hung out with them and got Stone t-shirts. Then we split to go inside... got posters this time (we got 2... so hopefully we can trade with someone who got some from the first night). Then we went to our seats, and here's the setlist:

Pre-Set: Porch
Ed w/MMJ: It Makes No Difference
Set: Severed Hand, Corduroy, Worldwide Suicide, Do The Evolution, Given To Fly, Dissident, Even Flow, Marker In The Sand, Low Light, Insignificance, Army Reserve, Garden, I Got Shit, State Of Love And Trust, Comatose, Inside Job, Rearviewmirror
Encore 1: Wasted Reprise, Man Of The Hour, Elderly Woman, Parachutes, Black/(We Belong Together), Alive
Encore 2: Why Go, Life Wasted, Smile, Indifference, Leash, Rockin' In The Free World, Yellow Ledbetter/(Star Spangled Banner)

Ed came out around 7:30 to play an acoustic version of "Porch" which was amazing. He then did one song with My Morning Jacket, and then left. And around 9 PM PJ came out for their set... probably played longer than the 2 1/2 hours from the previous night. Started with some songs they played the night before, but then played "Given To Fly" which was cool, and got to see "Army Reserve" and the updated version of "Garden." Ed made a lot of comments about how awesome the weather was all day, and how his daughter was in another state now (sounded like he was missing her). "RVM" was awesome, of course. For the first encore, they toned it down a bit, with some slow songs, and played my personal favorite, "Black." Everyone sang along to the "do do do do do do" part at the end, and Ed added the "we belong together" at the end, which I loved.

For the second encore, they played a good mix of hard and soft songs, and Ed brought this little girl up on stage that had flowers for him, and played her request, "Smile." But the highlight of the night was when they finally played "Leash" for the first time in about 11 years. Everyone went absolutely nuts when they played it! Then they mentioned how they were donating money to a Boston charity for homeless children, and that Theo Epstein was going to match their donations. Theo then joined the band on stage for "RITFW" - Theo was wearing a wig with a baseball cap, and then passed the wig to Stone, who put it on, and other band members were pretending to fix his hair. And they ended it with "Yellow Ledbetter," with Mike played the star spangled banner at the very end.

After the show, we ran into the guys from earlier, and decided to drive them back to their hotel and get a drink at the bar a few blocks away. These guys have been traveling around and have gone to a bunch of shows and were going to more. They were also going to join up with these guys who actually have a "Pearl Jam touring van" - some old van that they put a bunch of black tape on listing all the destinations for the shows. I guess these guys are going to all of the shows on this tour. I wish I had the time to ever do that, but that would never happen! Anyways, we had a drink and then headed back home... ended up going to bed just after 2 PM.

And today? I am back at work, and after today I will only be here two more days. I am exhausted, my throat hurts and is all hoarse, I have no motivation to any work, but I am in a really good mood. I had an awesome time at the shows, and everything else related, but now I am ready to get back to real life, and spend time with Melissa, feel the baby moving around, deal with the house/condo stuff, try to do some schoolwork, and get psyched about the new job. Good times.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Guess who finally got a new job? Guess guess guess!

Ok, give up? It's ME!!

Finally. They called my references, and they e-mailed me the offer letter and will overnight the original. I gave my notice, and May 31 will be my last day. That's about two weeks... but in that time I will take off two days next week for the Pearl Jam shows, and the following Monday is Memorial Day. Then the 31st is a Wednesday, and I will be off for the rest of the week. And I will start my new job on June 5. Sweet!!

I was so happy today. I told a few people around the office and in other offices, and although most will miss me, they were happy for me.

You know what is also funny? A law firm I interviewed with about a month or two ago... it was the one that I had no interest in this Financial Analyst position... well, today in the mail I got a rejection letter from them. A perfect day to get something like that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rain, rain, go away...

Saturday night was quite an experience. I do not need to recount the events... many of the blogs listed to the right have covered it all quite well. And I did think the Crazy Neighbor was definitely weird, but quite entertaining. And I can see a trend starting with orange "Jamaica" caps. All the crazy kids will be wearing them.

And the rain... ugh the rain. It has rained for about 40 days and 40 nights. Or so it seems. Towns on the north shore have been flooded. And I had to go to my interview yesterday morning with a fleece covering my suit, only to find out that the main person I was supposed to meet up with lives in Peabody and was dealing with flood issues. I felt bad when the water on my fleece was dripping on the floor in the office of one of the people I met up with, but she understood.

And the countdown is down to 10. Class last night sucked. It was a crazy day overall (early interview, work crisis) and I had trouble paying attention all night. But when I got home, I watched "24" (which was entertaining - next week is the two-hour season finale). And today I have to go back to interview at that place AGAIN, hopefully meeting with the people I need to. And then hopefully I will get a quick response, and then hopefully bid this place adieu.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The countdown is on...

...only 11 more classes left in the MBA program. 6 more weeks. That's it.

I just have to get through these two last classes... both which I am not in the mood for. And one of the professors is a freak.

And 13 more days to go before I see Pearl Jam again. And the next night as well.

And then not much longer till baby...

Saturday, May 06, 2006


My hero. Picture taken outside of the Letterman studio, after the show.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Ed's drink of choice...

I found this online from last night... the setlist, and Ed's choice of beverage. This is what he came out to in the beginning of the show and finished it off by the end... a $48 bottle of wine.

You'll see dragons after three or four, I said... YEAH!

Pearl Jam at the Ed Sullivan Theater setlist:

World Wide Suicide, Comatose, Severed Hand, Marker In The Sand, Gone, Unemployable, Present Tense, Do The Evolution, Why Go, Porch

Wow. I spent over eight hours on the Greyhound yesterday in total, waited on a line for about two and a half hours, and it was all worth it. Pearl Jam only played for about an hour, and I didn't get to meet them, but it was all worth it.

So I took the Greyhound at 9 AM, and got into NYC at about 1:30. I walked as fast as I could to the Roseland box office, where they were going to distribute the tickets, and there were only about 20 people there waiting around. Basically, Jack and I ended up being numbers 31 and 32 on the line in all. Jack came about a half hour after I got there, and we waited until 4:30 before they let us pick up the tickets and put us all on a line to go into the Ed Sullivan Theater. And the weather was awesome... about 80 degrees.

We then got escorted to wait on another line in the hall of the theater. What sucked is that when we got in there, there were already a bunch of people at the front of the line... VIP people. But when we got inside, we ended up being in the fourth row, center stage. Not complaining at all!

And then PJ got on... I couldn't believe how close we were to the band. It was amazing. The energy, everyone was going crazy, and the band was so on. Ed was so into it, and the new songs sounded amazing. Marker In The Sand... WOW. And the ending with Why Go and Porch was incredible.

They didn't come back to do any encore, but I did manage to get a Mike McCready guitar pick that he threw into the crowd. So we exited, hung out in the back, and saw the band members leave and jump into some vans... I didn't get to meet them, or get any autographs, but I got a couple of pictures (one really good one of Ed... I will post later).

After it all cleared out, Jack left and I still had time to kill (It was just after 7, and the next bus to Boston was at 9). So I walked through Times Square, got some popcorn at the popcorn store, got some Japanese fast food, and then got on the 9 PM bus back home. I ended up back at South Station at 1:10, and took a cab home.

And today, yes, I am tired. but the weather is nice again, and I can take it easy. And I got some kinda good news... the interview I had on Wednesday, they liked me and want me to come back for a second interview. A good sign...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Walking tightrope high, over moral ground, walk the bridges before you burn them down.

It has been awhile since I blogged. I was getting annoyed at this thing because of all the chaos that was happening because of the blog... people complaining about names being on here (most of which are gone), the condo stuff. But I am back.

And what will I discuss? Nothing controversial. But today should be a holiday. The day that Pearl Jam's new self titled album comes out. Now I've had the album for about a month now, and got the actual CD in the mail on Friday, but today's the official day. I have been listening to it non-stop for this past month, and I love it. One of their most strongest albums, from start to finish. "Severed Hand" and "Marker In The Sand" are my two favorite songs so far... but they are all great.

Speaking of PJ, I owe my friend a ton. He managed to get tickets to see a small PJ show after they tape Letterman on Thursday, at the Ed Sullivan Theater, for only 350 people. Free tickets. I am gonna take the bus to NY in the morning and then home in the evening, and in between, well, good stuff will be taking place.

As for other things... got 2 A-s again this past semester. I probably should have gotten an A in my real estate class, but I'll take it. I survived the semester, especially with so many other things going on. And now there are only two classes left in this whole program. June 21... that's when it will all be over.

And by June 21, we should be moved into our new house. More details coming up at a later time about that.

And job news... that job that I wanted that I thought I should have gotten, well, I didn't get it. Long story, but I still think it should have been mine. I am moving on, and I have another interview tomorrow.

And Melissa is happy that the Red Sox got her Doug Mirabelli back. It was funny watching him come back last night to play (against the Yanks). He rushed out of a cop van, with his uniform on, no shoes. He basically came right off the flight from San Diego and to Fenway to play in the game, with ten minutes to spare.

And the fans booed Johnny Damon, for the most part. And we lost. Blah.